You can’t see me


Gray Treefrog, Jamestown, VA (3)

We were outside when I saw a blob on the table. We were feeding our infant son so I thought it was some food that he had launched in his excitement to show us how his arms work. We are first time parents so we are amazed every time his arms work. When I walked to the side of the table I saw that blob had eyes and was not baby food but a small gray treefrog*. All that move on the small amphibian dollop was it’s rapidly beating throat as it breathed. As though it chanted to pulse-pounding club beat the phrase,  “You can’t seem me, you can’t see me, you can’t see me, you can’t see me.”

Gray Treefrog, Jamestown, VA (1)

But I could see it. And I wanted a better picture. So I picked it up. My punishment? The treefrog peed on me. Meh. I’m a dad. I’ve had worse. 

Gray Treefrog, Jamestown, VA (5)

*I think it’s a Gray Treefrog, which looks just like Cope’s Gray Treefrog. My Frogs of Virginia map tells me that it should be Cope’s. The best way to tell is through the frog’s call. The frog, after relieving itself on me, was in no mood to sing.

P.S. The pictures above are of the same frog. It’s almost like a river, you can never see the same frog twice. 



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