Still trying to scare up a Halloween costume? Be a worm!

But not just any ole worm. A marine worm, which is the more ostentatious and terrifying version of the plain, simple earthworm. Some marine worms inspire beauty, others terror with their fangs, tentacles, and H.R. Geiger inspired faces! Find your inspiration below (these are all real worms).

Feather duster worm. Shake ya tail-feathers! From
Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your tentacles. Rapunzel worm. Courtesy of
Streblospio benedicti from the muds of the Great Marsh. Photo courtesy of yours truly.
A slender ragworm. Taken by Alexander Seminov who has a BEAUTIFUL Flickr feed: Be careful, you’ll lose hours.
More from Alexander Seminov. King Ragworm. This one will be familiar to New England fisherman. It’s used to catch striped bass.
Alitta diversicolor. From the Great Marsh. Collected and photographed by yours truly. Scale is incorrect.
Spaghetti-mouth worm. Don’t eat with your mouthful. Courtesy of
Fire worm. It’s getting hot in herre! From the venomous bristles. Oh gosh, someone get help.


Again from Alexander Semenov. Unbelievable.
More from Alexander. You know what, just go to the site below for more of his pics. They are phenomenal and I am just ripping him off to get you to stay on my site.

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