A day at the shore

Gloucester, Massachusetts

I am still that little kid with the bucket at low tide looking for ocean treasures.

I spent part of yesterday on the rocky shores of Gloucester (made famous by the movie The Perfect Storm). I knelt down on the slippery rockweed that carpeted the granite stones and boulders, over-turning rocks for new finds. Yellow, blue and purple plastic pails surrounded me as little kids did the same and yelled out excitedly to their parents about their finds. But the parents were mostly laying on the beach, taking a break from the kids and letting low tide babysit them. I didn’t yell out to anyone. But I did get excited to find the little tiny baby smooth periwinkles, even though I’ve seen this snail a hundred times before.

So I share my low tide excitement with you with a few pictures.

Smooth perwinkles!

Sea squirts! Believe it or not, this is in the same phylum as humans – Chordata, because it has what is essentially spinal cord. So say hi to your long lost cousin!

Shore crab! A beautiful, yet invasive, crab. Introduced to Delaware Bay in the 1980’s, it is now found as far north as Maine and as far south as North Carolina.

A fouling community (those things that colonize hard surfaces – to us humans, they are ‘fouling’ our stuff. To the inverts, they’re just trying to make a home).



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