The vigilance of the tick

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Ever wonder how a tick finds you and bites you without you knowing? And what’s happening when she bites you? And is it always a she (most of the time, yes)? I explain tick biology in my latest newspaper article.

In the marsh, ticks are ever vigilant

The images above are of a tick ‘questing’ (looking for a host) and of the barbed straw she plunges into your skin without so much concern for you and slurps up your protein rich blood.

In other news, here is an article I published on the reed boat:
Our marshland nemesis, the wily Phragmites




2 thoughts on “The vigilance of the tick

  1. I liked the tick story. We noticed a ton of aphids on Iva the other day. Have you ever noticed Iva infested with aphids? Cathy

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