No Frackin’ Way!

My essay Return the Mountain was just published in Yale’s Sage Magazine!  It was part of an essay contest and was deemed worthy of second place by the Sage staff and a panel of celebrity judges including Bill McKibben, who founded . He called the piece:

“poignant and powerfully written”

I am honored and humbled by the high praise of the panel and the placement in Sage.  The piece is about my return to the mountain I grew up on and how fracking has moved in.  Thank you for reading!


2 thoughts on “No Frackin’ Way!

  1. I just finished reading Return to the Mountain. I found that you were able to personalize a contentious issue without sentimentality, yet with your scientific background well in evidence. I fear what will happen to underwater aquifers as the toxins slowly seep upwards.

    1. Hi, Glenda,

      Thank you for reading! I share your concern and perhaps what is most difficult to overcome is our lack of understanding of how vulnerable our aquifers are despite reassurances by industry.

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